Here are the answers to the most popular ones…

1. So, everything is gluten-free?

Yes, everything. We are proud to provide the gluten-free and celiac community, those of us with food sensitivities, and everyone who loves delicious baking, with readily available treats for every day desires and special occasions. 

2. What flours do you use? 

We use a variety of flour blends in the shop, and the type of flour we use depends on the product. We use white and brown rice flour, sourgum , bean flours, buckwheat, quinoa,  tapioca and arrowroot flours throughout our menu.

3. What about nuts?

While we cannot make absolute guarantees about nut safety, none of our items contain any nut ingredients and we don't keep any nut ingredients on the premises. That being said, some of our suppliers do process nuts in their facilities.

4. Do you have any vegan offerings?

Yes, we have many delicious vegan treats - check out our current Vegan offerings here! We also love working on new recipes. 

5. Do you make everything from scratch?

You bet! We make doughs, batters, and fillings from scratch daily. 

6. Will my wheat-eating friends and family like this?

If we were placing bets, we’d put our money on YES! Our treats are one of a kind and are enjoyed by customers who have food restrictions, and those who don’t. We have something for everyone!

7. What if I can't make it to your shop?

You can meet us your local farmer’s market! From April to September we are at the Sorauren Park, Dufferin Grove, and Evergreen Brickworks markets. Check out our Farmer’s Market page for more information on where we’ll be and when.

8. Do you take Orders in advance?

Give us a call and we will do our best to fulfill your order. We make our stock fresh every day and offer our selection on a first come, first serve basis. Planning ahead is helpful and we strive to do our best for our customers! We require 24 hours notice for special orders so please give us a call!