gluten-free, fresh & Delicious…

With tried & true recipes, and a creative spirit for trying new things, we’re always keeping things fresh & delicious at de Floured.

At de Floured bakery, we use wholesome ingredients to create delicious gluten-free baked goods. Our sweet and savoury options are designed to accommodate different palettes, and we deliver creative flavours using ethically and locally sourced ingredients.

Our quality ingredients produce pastries that are especially safe for customers who have been diagnosed with celiac disease. Our baking and production processes ensure that our freshly made offerings can be enjoyed without fear of an allergic reaction.

With a well-round knowledge of allergen content and complete transparency about our suppliers, we are confident that that you’ll enjoy every bite knowing that you have purchased the best of the best. With a loyal and ever-growing customer base, our products speak for themselves. Whether you’ve been searching for gluten-free options due to dietary restrictions or are curious about what a gluten-free diet can offer, we are happy to share our perfected products with you and your loved ones. 

Our kitchen:

  • is free of gluten, soy, corn & nuts

  • strives to use local, organic produce from growers through the farmers' market network; when unavailable or not in season, we use wholesome alternatives

  • incorporates chocolate that is made in a gluten free, dairy free, soy free & nut free facility

  • uses hard cheeses that are organic, lactose-free & free of animal rennet; we offer dairy-free items under our Vegan menu

  • sources eggs that are produced locally by Country Meadow Organic Farms and are free-range & organic; we offer egg-free items under our Vegan menu

  • incorporates local honey & maple syrup, as well as organic cane & brown sugars, to sweeten our products